Hoffman Group Holdings LLC

    Hoffman Group Holdings

    As a couple, Timothy and Meredith have lived extensively in the Caribbean working in the hospitality sector. Their work experience has taken them from Nassau, Bahamas to Abaco, Bahamas and then most recently to Nevis, West Indies. The Caribbean has provided a great opportunity to develop strong service-based skills while working closely with local labor.

    The extensive work experience throughout the Caribbean truly defines this couple and how they achieved their intended goals and objectives. Anyone that has read “Don’t Stop the Carnival” by Herman Wouk can attest to the unique challenges and limited resources that the Caribbean offers. The word “luxury” has become increasingly overused, and arbitrary (?) to the individual. Luxury is not about excessive opulence, but more about service and exceeding the guest’s expectations; anticipating guest’s needs and wants without having to ask is the new modern luxury.

    The Hoffman’s have recently relocated back the United States with their three children after having lived in the Caribbean for almost 20 years. They have chosen the west coast of Florida for it’s many similar characteristics of the Caribbean, offering a slower pace of living.

    The strength of Hoffman Group Holdings comes from two approaches. First and foremost is putting together a strong team, encouraging them to achieve a common goal. Employee empowerment is critical to success and cannot be achieved by micro-managing but instead believing in your team. Second is an appreciation for your community and surroundings. Working together while giving back to the local community is a core value of Timothy and Meredith.